Do you need mathematical calculations to play slots?

by Deacon Alexis

The best casino platforms have both skill-based and luck-based games for online players. The skill-based games like poker and blackjack need mathematical calculations and strategies. However, do you need to apply any strategies to win slot games?

Slots and mathematical calculations

There is no strategy guaranteeing the potential to win the jackpot- the highest payout on slots. Some players argue that the results turned out by the online slots are controllable. But, it is not true, as the slot software does not give you any chance to adjust and regular the RNG. You cannot take advantage of the software.

The advancement of the software prevents hackers from accessing the slot gaming algorithms. Until these hackers have breached security protocols on the operator’s site, they can do nothing.

However, it is important to understand the mechanism of online slots. It will enable you to place the bet and spin the reel efficiently. You must also know the frequency of payouts of the slots. Moreover, the amount of every win will let you create the betting strategy. The odds may be in your favour.

You have to know about 4 elements to understand the internal mechanism of slots.


Every time you spin the reel, you get a random outcome. That is why a virtual slot can neveridentify the symbols appearing on the reel in every spin? Both online and land-based slots rely on the RNG algorithm. It helps in deciding the spin results.  You cannot do any probability calculation to deal with

In case of the land-based casino, there is a physical RNG, and some factors (like surface tension, force input, and wind speed) may affect the result.

Online slots rely on PRNG for the recreation of random results through a complicated algorithm. You will find multiple potential results.


Slot players cannot avoid the mathematical calculation related to RTP. The RTP details will let you know how much you will win back while playing some slots.

For instance, the RTP is about 98.6%, while the house edge is about 1.4%. Thus, by betting £100, you can earn £98 as profit.

Players get a higher edge with different features like free spins and wilds.


Every slot game has different payout rates. Although some online slots NetBet have a low payout, they ensure frequent wins. You may also find games that do not give wins regularly. However, their payout is very high, and thus, you will gain more profit.

Variance refers to the profit rate of your slot games, and it has also some relationship with the potential risks. Several slots are medium-variance games, and they maintain a balance of payout and win rates.

Some low-variance games are available with progressive jackpots. You can win a big amount with these slots.

Hit frequency

It indicates the frequency of getting symbol lineups on the payline. The hit frequency measures the percentage of missed and winning spins.

These are some calculations that you must do while playing slots online.

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