Staying connected with your long distance friends

by Deacon Alexis

Sometimes you find great friends who live far away. In most cases, friendships are built and sustained with events, memories and experiences. So, after a year off just checking in to see how the other is doing, chances are that you don’t really talk anymore. This is super unfortunate… Thus, what can you do to keep the once so close friendship going? You do fun things that keep making new memories together. Here is some inspiration to keep the friendship alive.

A video call

After just a 15-minute call, it will feel like you have actually hung out because you see and hear each other. This is important to do now and then because messages don’t share any feelings. The cool thing about long-distance friends is that they usually don’t know your friends that live close by. This means that when you need some support, you get exactly what you need because the long distance friend will always be on your side. Unless, you really mess up, of course.

Playing games together

There are many online games you can play with friends from all over the world. Chances are that you and your friend have a similar interest and that there is a game that is about that interest. Maybe, you both already play a similar game, and you just need to connect. However, playing a game together and against each other will keep you guys connected because you get to hang out together in the online game world.

Watching sports together

Yes, I know you cannot sit in the same room. But you don’t have to because we are blessed with an internet connection. Simply hop on a call on your laptop and keep the call going throughout the entire game. Want to make it even more exciting? How about you place a little bet against each other. You can simply just write them down or use a website like

Keep each other updated through email

Before you scroll away from this old-fashioned idea, just hear me out. Sending emails is a great way of keeping in touch because you will most likely actually take the time to read what the other is telling you. You actually listen to each other. Quick messages usually are read very quickly, too. By sending a weekly email to each other, you both take the time to write down what’s on your mind, and you’ll have something to look forward to. 

Start a YouTube channel together

This will need some creativity, but there are so many ways of doing this. You can interview interesting people together about popular subjects, or both try challenges while being in different countries.

Plan a trip

Seeing each other and hanging out in real life is the ultimate way of keeping the connection strong. It must come as no surprise that planning a trip to visit one another is one of the ideas to keep your friendship alive. Now, in some cases it is hard to just get up and go because you’re both busy or one lives in Europe and the other in Oceania. But it is important that the both of you try to find some time to hang out. Visit each other’s homes and meet in the middle sometime. This is also a great excuse to see more of the world!

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