UK 49s Lottery Lunchtime Draw – Bet Online from South Africa with YesPlay

by Deacon Alexis

Every minute of every day, there is an exciting lotto draw taking place somewhere in the world. Some of these games are very small and can offer only modest winnings to lucky players, while others are major events and boast mammoth-sized prizes that can easily turn one’s life around. Regardless of its size or popularity, almost any lotto game played globally today is available to South African gamblers via reliable and convenient online betting platforms like YesPlay.

YesPlay is a large and modern online betting website where SA gamblers can instantly connect to hundreds of the world’s best games, including one of Britain’s most beloved and popular lotteries called the UK 49s. The game, which has been around since 1994, features two draws – Lunchtime UK 49s and Teatime UK 49s – that take place at 14:49 and 19:49 SAST every day, all year round.

How to play UK 49s?

To join the game, players who come to YesPlay to place their UK 49s bets need to pick up to six numbers from a pool of 49 balls. The number of balls they can bet on varies based on the player’s individual needs, budget, and preferences – the more balls that are played and matched correctly, the bigger the reward. To make the experience even more profitable and to increase the odds of winning a massive cash prize, UK 49s bettors can additionally include a special bonus Booster ball in their pick.

It is important to realize that, while bettors can play as few as just one ball in this game, the potential wins will be greater when more numbers are bet on. Another essential condition for winning a prize is that players have to match all of the numbers they picked for the draw. Thus, no winnings are paid to players who guessed just three out of the four or five out of the six numbers that were drawn correctly.

Why do SA players love UK 49s?

One of the reasons why so many SA bettors come to YesPlay daily to try their luck at the UK 49s Lunchtime and Teatime draws is that this lottery does not involve any complex structure or rules that are too confusing and hard to follow. In fact, UK 49s is one of the easiest-to-play lotteries with favorable winning odds and very decent rewards. The ability to choose the number of balls they want to bet on gives players the sense of enhanced control over their game and allows them to enjoy this online betting experience at a pace that they are most comfortable with.

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