Following the Review of the Mega888 Casino Game Online

by Deacon Alexis

In recent years there has been a hike in the usage of mobile devices. People are taking immense interest in the variety of mobile games. The mobile games make use of the journey-oriented system and with this, they offer the sort of application purchasing and as part of this, you have the Candy Crash Saga range. You even games like Angry Birds and the rest. Ikibu is the latest online casino solution and it was initially launched in October of 2w016. This is the most innovative form of the online casino game. Ikibu comes with the concept of journey-based adventure.

Review of the Game

Once you follow the new online casino review of Mega888 you will come to know better the real mode of Ikibu gaming. In the game, you play the role of Ikki and his purpose in life is to navigate the island of Ikibu. In the course of the journey, Ikki has supposed to collect seeds all along the way. Here seeds stand for currency and one can make use of the currency on the island of Ikibu. These currencies can be exchanged with the free spins and you can even exchange them with the other goodies that you get to buy at the store.

Welcome Bonus at the Casino

There is even a system of the welcome bonus at the Ikibu casino. As a new player, you need to get registered at the Ikibu casino. This way you become the newly generated Ikki. Ikki the creature looks like a monkey and he loves exploring the entire island. The animal keeps on searching for the new spins however, apart from the main theme you become one of the innovative species and the player is also given to enjoy the offered welcome bonuses. This way one can readily get into the game and earn good hands in the real course of gaming.

Deposit Bonus at the Casino

There is the option of the first deposit bonus and here you get a 100% Matched Deposit and this equals 100 + 2500 seeds in total. You even have the option of a 2nd deposit bonus. This is made of 50% Matched Deposit and this also includes 100 + 2500 seeds in total. The Seeds mainly form a part of the welcome bonus. You can refer to the Seeds as currency and this is a unique concept at Ikibu and it is the same as the Echoes offered at Kaboo Casino.

Game of Seeds and Exchanges

The Seeds can be essentially exchanged at the casino base and in place you get the free spins which are more than 45 times the real bonus needed for the reason of the deposit bonuses. You get 25 times more than the wins delivered by the free spins. With the new online casino review of Mega888, you know in actuality how to play the game maintaining all norms of casino gaming. The experience is fantastic and once you play at the casino you would aspire to play more in the course of gaming.

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