How to succeed in your first Sit & Go poker tournament

by Deacon Alexis

Poker remains one of the most popular casino games to play. This is not surprising when you think of the engaging game play and strategic thinking it delivers. Over the years, the attraction of poker has grown steadily, and this has certainly been the case since online casinos/poker on TV became popular.

The different versions of poker you can play and the various tournaments to take part in also help explain its appeal. For many people, after all, variants are one of the top things to look for in a casino game. The best NJ online casino sites, for example, will have lots of varieties of poker and types of tournament to enjoy. Resorts Casino is the pick of the bunch and a real mecca for online poker fans. With cool casino bonuses, it is a great place to enjoy this fun game.

One type of tournament you might try is called Sit & Go. This is a competition with no starting time but a limited number of spots. When all the spots are filled, the action starts. But how can you succeed if you are about to play your first one?

Be ready!

It goes without saying that you should be primed and ready to go when the action finally starts. While this sounds obvious, the frequent waiting around while spots are filled catches some people out.

Play tight to begin with

Another good tip for succeeding in your first Sit & Go is to play tight at the start. If you only play good hands, you will not only have more chance of winning those you stay involved with, but you will also get more time to settle in when not active.

Look for big pairs

Although playing tight early on is wise, you should not ignore top-class hands that come your way. A good idea is to bet big on big pairs (Kings, Queens or Aces). This is because you statistically stand a good chance of winning the hand with a pair like this.

Watch your stack

In Sit & Go tournaments, chip stacks can go up and down a lot over the course of play. Try to avoid one-on-ones with chip leaders and focus on those with a shorter stack than you. If you are the player with the shortest stack, an all-in push at the right time can scare opponents into folding prematurely.

Finish in a blaze of glory

As people fall out of the tournament, it should eventually leave just you and one other player. It can be worth raising aggressively here until your opponent has nowhere to go. If you are the one being chased, a big re-raise if you have a good enough hand could take home the pot.

Sit & Go tournaments are lots of fun

Many people love to play this kind of online poker tournament because it is lots of fun and fast-paced. If you are about to get involved with your first Sit & Go, it is worth taking onboard the above tips to help you succeed.

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