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re you thinking of credit card payments processing for the online casino? Are you facing trouble getting the merchant account approved? The reality is that most of the card processors consider the casino business a risky one and may times, just automatically deny the request for a merchant account. But, if they approve by any means, they just break the bank before starting the business. So, is there really any good solution for casino merchant account?

Online: What’s about Dicey Business?

To earn the customers’ trust is probably more important than earning money for a legitimate and trustworthy online casino merchant. The most important thing is that your customers can easily play all types of games with the comforts of staying at their home – unlike the traditional casinos.

- Baccarat
- Slot machines
- Poker
- Keno
- Bingo
- Blackjack
- Craps
- Roulette

Major Challenges and Concerns for the Online Casino Merchant

There are several potential reasons to consider the online merchant business as high risk for the banks. The following reasons could be a real threat to getting an online merchant account for your online casino-

- You process numerous credit cards on a regular basis
- Your loyal customers are not available to sign for the purchases
- Your business has the probability of refunds  and charge backs
- The online casino regulations change frequently, which indicate higher risk and fraud.

Instabill Offers Great Solution for the Online Casino Merchants

We, at Instabill, have great concern for the online casino merchants and their potentials in the gambling industry. So, we work together with offshore banks and they have liberal as well as their own underwriting policies. The good news is that our banks permit us to allow high-risk online merchant and offshore casino accounts. Our well-secured payments gateway and infrastructure allow taking the risk of more payment processing.

The Casino Merchant Accounts of Instabill Offer:

- No set-up fee
- No processing of volume caps
- Credit card processing in real-time with quick reliable payouts
- High security against credit card scams and fraud
- Processing of multi-currency in nearly 160 currencies and reliable settlement in more than 15 major currencies

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